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Let's barter the influencers' expertise to make your brand grow by generating substantial and effective content

How would you feel if an expert tells you what to buy?

When quality content is routed via the right voice henceforth, magic is created.

To be able to stand out in the sea of monotonous advertising, Influencer Marketing is the lifeboat brands need. The cosmopolitan presence of an influencer in a particular niche/industry makes them a useful launching pad.Boosted brand awareness and result driven sales, thus, follow miraculously.


So you’re aware it works, but how to leverage it?

You’re aware that Influencer Marketing has the power to sway over your target audience. What you need is a scalable channel to convey your story. A reliable medium that manages your collaboration with influencers and takes care of everything; inspiring content creation resonating with your target audiences and its extrapolation over ROI oriented media. Once you’ve teamed up with the right agency, all you need to do is sit back & relax while your campaigns meet your goals.

Know your Influencer!

One could be looking for someone with a good hand at content. Or one could be wanting a person who can impact tier 2 & tier 3 cities. It’s imperative to realize your brand’s needs and filter & select influencers on the basis of followers, engagement & category.


Celebrity Influencers

They are a notch up everyone else in the category game. Celebrity influencers help position your brand amidst millions of prospective customers and stakeholders. Plus, their humongous popularity pulls more exposure to your business. In most cases, the mere association of a brand with a celebrity name works like a charm.



These are great content creators, seamless entertainers and they bring along with them a large number of followers. More or less, they’re already well-known, hence, ROI is not something you’d need to be bothered about.



If you want to hit a particular crowd of audience through your brand, micro-influencers can be your saviour. Their followers are usually more like a close-knit circle hence, this translates into a highly targeted engagement. With less investment, they give you the possibility of building a personal relationship with your audience.



The unprecedented growth of leveraging influencers has pushed marketers to look for new and unique influencers now, to give themselves an edge over others. With fewer followers, they come handy for small business supports.



In the era of digitization, a common man with a mind for marketing can too be your influencer. Their reach is less impressive than the other categories however, if you’re new to Influencer Marketing and wish to start off on a lower bandwidth, these can be your choice.

Something for all! Dive into our portfolio.




Million Reach


Paise Cost per Reach

Why DigiStreet Media for Influencer Marketing?

Time is such that your Followers on social media can make or break your brand’s credibility. We at DigiStreet can create branded user-generated content that resonates with your target audience for your digital marketing goals. We are the catalyst that can market your brand through influencers, becoming your voice through their network. We do it in a way that we build customer’s trust in you, providing communication that is highly visible from a trusted source. We have custom designs, and can run campaigns across a diverse range of categories and industries.

Simply put, if you still haven’t explored this new age marketing, you are undoubtedly missing on the fastest-growing channel for customer acquisition, surpassing emails, organic search flow, paid searchable clicks, and more branding and visibility. Start with us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is influencer marketing an affordable option for small brands?-

It is a cost-effective solution that brings greater returns than other digital marketing strategies. Proven to outperform banner ads, for example, it is becoming the preferred method for marketing.

Why should I be doing Influencer Marketing?+

There are many benefits of influencer marketing. It boosts sales, drives more traffic to your website, and improves your brand reputation.

What are network maps and why are they useful?+

Network maps are a visual representation of your influencer community, that are built around your corporate brand, product, an event, a thought leadership topic, a reputational issue, or competitors. It illustrates the social landscape of your brand, with a visual representation of their community for understanding the community of influencers, by showing the connections between stakeholders and their reaches.

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